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We’re EPIC Functional Medicine and we’ve helped thousands get healthy. We’re ready to help you get on your path to wellness. Don’t wait any longer to start living life again. You don’t need to needlessly suffer any longer.

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The EPIC Functional Medicine center approach is patient-centered, not disease-centered. Let’s find YOUR “why” and begin your road to wellness.

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Functional Medicine for the 21st Century

At EPIC Functional Medicine Center, we’ve helped thousands of people to find the answers to their unique health and chronic disease-related problems. Our mission is to help you on your path to wellness.

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Our FREE health survey will help us, and you, to identify the underlying causes of your unique problems. The total time to take the survey is about 5 minutes. Once completed a trained EPIC Functional Medicine nurse will contact you to share the results.

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Our team brings decades of experience to the table to help you find the root cause(s) of any autoimmune disease, chronic disease, or health problems you're facing. Set up a time to speak with one of our nurses so we can determine if working together is the right next step of help for you.

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EPIC Functional Medicine is a tribe of like-minded people. We are more powerful when we share ideas for health, wellness, and inspired living. Join us and find not only amazing friends but extraordinary solutions.


“I can’t be thankful enough for EPIC and Dr. Jason Bradley! I’ve only been in my program since the end of October and my brain fog is gone! My body hurts less! I’m down 17lbs! I FINALLY feel like I have my life back and I can be a present wife and mom again! Thank you!!!”

Randy P.

“I have learned so much over the past year in working with Epic but the number one thing is that we really are what we eat! After attending Dr. Bradley’s seminar, it became clear to me that traditional medicine was not addressing the root cause of the disease process. Once I made the commitment, a huge weight was lifted from me. I WAS able to avoid the foods that were making me ill. I WAS able to still partake in family and social events. The weight literally fell off. The body aches and fatigue that had been plaguing me for 2 decades amazingly disappeared. Here’s to life!”

Karen A.

“My reasons for starting EPIC was just to lose weight, but I gained so much more! I did manage to lose 40 lbs by following the program, admitting to my mistakes but starting right back up. I also gained something I have been dreaming of but never thought possible with my living style, and that is my son! Following the program and doing everything in your power to make the decision everyday to be healthy in new ways will guarantee you amazing positive results that you never imagined.”

Megan A.H.

“I have seen several specialty doctors in my life and been on several medications and could never find an answer to my stomach issues and fatigue until I started with EPIC. It’s been life changing and it’s so fun to share my experience with others struggling with similar setbacks in life. I also love sharing recipes with friends and colleagues. They see the food that I bring for lunch and ask questions and I’m always so happy to share the changes that I’ve implemented into my life.”

Siri D.

We are able to consult on a wide range of health-related concerns


There is no “one size fits all” solution to autoimmunity. We find your unique autoimmune triggers and give you a personalized plan to help address them.

Get a functional medicine plan that works for you.

Have more energy.

Overcome chronic autoimmune disease symptoms.

Find out what your body is lacking and may have an excess of.

Find the root cause of your autoimmune problems.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Your thyroid is an amazing organ. It affects your metabolism, hormone balance, mood, and many other important functions of the body. We help you to help your thyroid doing its job.

Increased energy.

The right lifestyle for a healthy thyroid.

What foods you need for a healthy thyroid.

Is your sleep affecting your thyroid and adrenals?

The vitamins and minerals you are lacking for a healthy thyroid.

How to lower your risk factors for thyroid conditions or disease.


Hormones are like the body’s messengers that tell the cells what to do. The body must maintain its balance to function properly.

Test for hormonal imbalances.

Get the root cause of a hormonal imbalance.

Treat a Hyper and hypo-active Thyroid.

Stress, anxiety, and hormones.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs)

Bone Health


Diabetes cripples more and more people's lives daily. But this doesn't have to be the case. And, you don't have to load up your medicine cabinet.


Type I Diabetes.

Type II Diabetes.

End the endless medications.

Your diet requirements.



There is no “one size fits all” diet. Through functional medicine, we find your unique diet plan that nourishes and rejuvenates your body so you can live a healthy life.

Get a diet plan that works for you.

Have more energy.

Overcome weight loss resistance.

Find out what your food allergies are.

Find the root cause of your digestive problems.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.


You don’t have to suffer from low energy, mood swings, or chronic fatigue. Get back the energy and liveliness you once had!

Boost your energy levels.

Feel younger.

Be more active.

Prevent mood swings.

Beat fatigue.

Detect an on-coming “energy” crisis.

Let's take back your health

FOX NEWS interviews Dr. Jason Bradly on Functional Medicine.

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