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From Chronic Autoimmune Thyroid Disease to Thriving

EPIC Functional Medicine started over 20+ years ago due to the ongoing health struggles of EPIC’s Owner and Founder Dr. Jason Bradley.  In his words…



We help those people who are highly motivated to overcome their chronic symptoms but are missing the pieces to achieve the full picture of health. We understand that each person has a unique health story (or picture) and we have to ask the right questions to put that picture together.

If you are wanting to get to the ROOT CAUSES of your ongoing chronic thyroid, autoimmune, or other symptoms and lay a SOLID FOUNDATION for your health… AND are willing to do the work to get results then you are in the RIGHT place and we’d be honored to support you on your health journey.

We are able to consult on a wide range of health-related concerns

What are your biggest health needs?


EPIC FIVE Plan – Your Customized Health Program

Changing eating habits and your overall lifestyle can be a very challenging experience that requires personable, non-judgmental, and encouraging support. So if you’ve been looking for a health coach, you’ve come to the right place! Our health coaches listen first, educate based on YOUR needs, and are always accessible. Our only goal at EPIC Functional Medicine is to create a realistic, personalized plan that addresses your desired health goals, lifestyle & food preferences, food allergies, and much more.

The FIVE steps of your EPIC FIVE program are strategically based on the primary needs for optimal health and the amalgam of over 20 years of functional, holistic, and natural medicine research. True health comes from laying down a solid healthy foundation which is why we focus on these five key areas:


Most of us are dehydrated and do not know it. The EPIC Five plan will guide you in how to truly hydrate and listen to your body’s thirst signals.


Diets are confusing and often contradictory. The EPIC Five plan lays out a tried and true diet that combines the best advice out there and is personalized based on your body and needs.


Stress management is crucial to your health and wellbeing, yet can be difficult to measure. You will learn simple to remember techniques to better manage stress and incorporate them into your day.


Like diet, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to movement and exercise. The EPIC Five Plan lays out the “minimum effective dose” of movement needed for overall health, and gives you support/tools on what your next step may be.


Feel stuck with your sleep quality? The EPIC Five plan will teach you what things to consider to improve your sleep hygiene and routine. In addition, the EPIC Five plan will help balance your body’s biochemistry to naturally improve sleep over time.

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