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Empowering the Person to Impact the Community

Our goal is to help our clients attain and maintain optimal levels of health so that they are able to fully pursue their passions and have an impact on their family, friends, local community, and the world abroad.

We want to help our clients be the brightest lights on this planet that they can be.

Your Functional Medicine Experts

EPIC Functional Medicine specializes in nutritional and functional medicine services. We can help with a different type of condition, including Autoimmune Disease, Metabolic Disorder, Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalances, Gastrointestinal Complaints, Pain, and more.

Most people could benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Our health care plans are perfect for people who are interested in restoring and maintaining function and developing lifelong beneficial eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

We use health care plans that are personalized and outcome-driven so that you can continually see your progress.

At EPIC Functional Medicine, when it comes to your health, we want to see the whole picture. That’s why we offer testing for male and female hormone levels, gastrointestinal profiles, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicities, neurotransmitter function, nutrient levels, and more. Laboratory testing helps us track your progress and assure that you are on the path to optimal health.

Our caring team is conveniently available to help ensure your success with our care plans. When you entrust us with your health and wellness, we take that responsibility seriously by providing the best in client care and service.

For more information on care and services at EPIC Functional Medicine, please email us through the Contact Us form or schedule a call with one of our nurses

Our Team


Dr. Jason Bradley, ND, DC, CN, DSc, DPSc, DABAAHP, DAARM, IFMCP, MA has dedicated his career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole-systems…


My passion in caring for others has been put to use in many ways. As a nurse, I have worked both in-patient physical medicine and rehabilitation and general medicine …


I have always leaned towards the sciences as my favorite topic of study during school, as well as a love of animals. This led me to study biology at the University of Iowa, but I soon discovered that I preferred the bigger picture such as environmental science… 


Ever since my freshman year of college, I knew that I wanted to have a career in the natural medicine field. I recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Physiology. Although I am …


I’m a native of Belle Plaine, Iowa. After graduating from the U of I with a B.S. in psychology, I worked at Pearson as a technical writer. In an effort to find a career that had more meaning for me, I became an elementary teacher. After 20 years, I am still at it…


I have always loved assisting people in any way that I can, and this is most prevalent in my educational background, where I studied Medical Assisting…




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