Kasi Shogren

Health Coach

Personal & Professional History

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy graduate, B.S. Psychology and teaching certificate (University of Iowa)

I’m a native of Belle Plaine, Iowa. After graduating from the U of I with a B.S. in psychology, I worked at Pearson as a technical writer. In an effort to find a career that had more meaning for me, I became an elementary teacher. After 20 years, I am still at it. However, an autoimmune disease has led me to the career I have been searching for: health coaching. With teaching full-time, completing a functional medicine health coaching program, striving to meet my personal health goals, and being a mom to my two teenage daughters, the past year has been an active one! I am thrilled to be embarking on a new path that enables me to help others with their health, while continuing to learn how to move toward optimal health myself.

Why I joined the EPIC team and what Functional Medicine means to me

The continued support and community-building that EPIC promotes online and in-person is unique and powerful. Taking care of your tribe is what medicine was and should be. I especially admire the EPIC team’s openness to new ideas.

Functional Medicine means HOPE! I feel fortunate to have discovered it so early on in my health journey. Trying to unravel a health problem alone is overwhelming. The amount of information we have at our fingertips is a boon and a bane. When conventional doctors are throwing drugs at your symptoms, it’s a huge relief to find a practitioner who is willing to take the time to identify root causes and create a plan to address them. Working with an experienced practitioner who has successfully dealt with your issue time and time again is priceless.

Fun facts about me

I recently tried my first cricket. They don’t give you the sticker until you do it. Not bad at all!

The EPIC Team is ready to help you get your health back on track. Take the first step today!

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