Rachel Bradley


Personal & Professional History

My passion in caring for others has been put to use in many ways. As a nurse, I have worked both in-patient physical medicine and rehabilitation and general medicine at local area hospitals. This previous experience has served me well as I transitioned to EPIC over seven years ago as a nurse and care coordinator before moving into an executive position where I am today. As a nurse, I have seen what suffering looks like and it is my goal to oversee the delivery of a healthcare system that gives our clients the tools, resources, and team for THEM to end their ongoing health concerns.

Why I joined the EPIC team and what Functional Medicine means to me

I joined EPIC because I wanted to be a part of a team that truly works toward providing people with healthcare — personalized and community-oriented. Functional medicine has helped me to restore my own health. I no longer suffer from autoimmunity nor its laundry list of symptoms. I get to see others walk this same path and it makes all the hard work worth it!

Fun facts about me

I’d like to travel to all 50 states before I am 50 – I am about halfway there!

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