This month’s testimonial features our client Amanda Olsen. Amanda came to us with many severe symptoms relating to her hormones, gut, energy, and more. Her ability to keep up her energy and just be herself was greatly impaired. She wanted to be back to her best self for her family, friends, and community.

History – how was Amanda’s life impacted by her health concerns?

Amanda shares,

“When I first started with Epic, I was exhausted but not sleeping. I had a constant upset stomach and got to the point where I was afraid to eat because of how I might feel afterward. I had chronic headaches, every day for months on end. I was depressed, moody and felt like a shell of myself. I honestly thought I was slowly dying and had no idea why.”

Taking Action – what did we implement to help Amanda?

As with almost all of our clients, we investigated with data from lab work including comprehensive blood work, heavy metal testing, food sensitivity testing, and stool testing. This would give us a picture of both any kind of triggers/indicators of inflammation in her body, the state of her gut health, nutrient levels, and more. 

Amanda had already been engaging in good habits with her diet and exercise (among other things) but received guidance from the EPIC Functional Medicine’s staff on tweaks to further optimize her diet, manage stress, hydrate, and listen to her body with what the right amount of exercise might be for her.

More importantly, Amanda worked hard and diligently with the recommendations laid out for her. Her hard work is paying off!

Amanda shares,

“Dr. Bradley and Dan Tribley have been so helpful and informative. Anytime I’ve had a question they have taken the time to help me figure things out and improve my symptoms. And my husband has been the most supportive and encouraging person to have on this journey. He has been patient with me as I’ve been healing and willing to do many of the things I needed to do for my health. I could not have done this without his support.”


Amanda’s progress, overall, shows steady yet rapid progress. After two months into care, her symptom reduction really went underway, and before long she hit 80% improvement after about seven months. Shortly after, she hit as high as ~90% improvement in her symptoms.

In addition, one key biomarker affecting Amanda’s health was Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA). As of lab-verified data from April 2021, her ANA is now in remission – an incredible feat and testament to the body’s ability to heal given the right environment and guidance.

Symptom Reduction:

Lab Test Results:

Amanda shares her perspective,

“Now I feel energized. I don’t need naps. I’m sleeping well at night. I rarely get headaches anymore and when I do it’s usually related to something I ate or a bad night of sleep. My autoimmune antibodies are negative 1 year after starting with Epic! I feel whole. I feel well. I feel hopeful.”

In Summary

Through EPIC Functional Medicine’s thorough investigation of the potential root causes of her symptoms, and through Amanda’s consistent work on her health, she has seen a complete turn around in how she is feeling in roughly one year’s time. We are so proud of Amanda and her dedication to her health and wellbeing.

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