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An Insider’s Look at Care in a Functional Medicine Clinic

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An Insider’s Look at Care in a Functional Medicine Clinic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personalized approach/plan towards your own health care and wellness goals? In part, that is what functional medicine from an all-natural doctor is all about!  

Our team at EPIC understands that each person is unique. We look “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in your personal history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to health conditions and illness. The unique genetic makeup of each person is considered, along with both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect your total function.

Using everything we learn from your experience and personal lab results, we are able to guide you in a health care plan that is curated just for you!  As you continue to heal, grow, and adjust in your own life, EPIC’s goal is to work with you and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to feel confident in your ability to continue to improve and maintain your health.  

When you first join EPIC, you will gain access to our online resources including: 

  • Our  “EPIC 5” curriculum which will guide you through Dr. Bradley’s holistic and natural best recommendations regarding Hydration, Diet, Movement, Stress Management, Sleep, and more!  
  • Exclusive membership to our online community on Facebook where you can share questions and ideas and also reach out to others in the community for help and ideas too!  We also host special events/challenges for our members to keep them engaged and motivated! 🙂 
  • Since EPIC is completely virtual, you will join our Patient Portal which you’ll have 24/7 access to. The Patient Portal is our main mode of communication with each other.  In your portal, you will have access to:
    • Secure messages, so you may contact any EPIC staff on the team if you have questions or concerns.  
    • Documents and resources we have created to help you through these healthy lifestyle changes.
    • Your personal lab results and reviews in which Dr. Bradley will provide you with both a written and video-recorded review of your results, along with specific recommendations based on your own body’s needs. Medicine is not one-pill/potion/powder-fits-all, and here at EPIC, we will cater to YOU.  

At the beginning of your care plan with EPIC, you will be assigned a health coach.  Your health coach is your personal guide through the EPIC program.  They will be the ones supporting you through the workshops you will attend to go over information regarding the Detoxification Food Plan, your Personalized Food Plan (after we have your food sensitivity results back), and more! 

Within the first month of care with EPIC, you will: 

  • Have an initial Health Coach Assessment. In this meeting, your health coach will get to know you and what your day-to-day habits look like. We also discuss a Hydration Challenge that we will do to begin building a strong foundation for healthy change.  Finally, within this meeting, we will discuss what the next few months of care will look like as lab results start to come in!
  • Complete lab testing!  What is ordered depends on the practitioner’s initial consultation with our main Practitioner, but generally, we will order the following tests initially to determine any health conditions you may have: Full Comprehensive Blood Panel, Stool Chemistry, Food Sensitivity, Heavy Metals. 
    • Additional testing may include hormone testing, Intestinal Permeability “Leaky Gut”,  SIBO, Iodine, Stomach Acid testing, and more if it would be helpful to find the root cause of your suffering. We treat the cause, not just the symptoms here at EPIC.
  • These results really help us dig into the personalized piece of your health care.  Based on your results and unique experiences, as mentioned above, our Practitioner will create a health care plan for you based on what your body needs!  Our team will then help you understand and implement any changes that are recommended (be it dietary, movement, supplementation, etc.)
  • Attend Detoxification Food Plan Workshop.  In this workshop, your health coach will review the EPIC 5 Detoxification Plan with you. 

After our first round of testing, we will continually work with you on your journey of healing as you progress with your health-related goals. Here at EPIC, we see knowledge as power and we take the education and empowerment of our clients very seriously. The word “Doctor” is Latin for Docere, which aptly translates as “one who instructs or teaches.”

We are committed to providing you with science-based, purposeful natural, holistic, and integrative medicine tools that enable you to become an empowered, life-long intelligent hydrater, eater, mover, de-stresser, and sleeper such as hydration recommendations, tips & tricks; food diaries, portion control education, grocery store lists, compliance tools, cooking tips, recipes, restaurant tips, emotional eating triggers; exercise programs; stress management tools and biohacks; and morning and evening routine tools to ensure you get good sleep.

The first step to getting started on your customized EPIC Five program? Schedule a call with one of our EPIC nurses. In this call, we can determine, together, if this is the right next step for you on your health journey.

Wishing you health and vitality,
Natalie Smith
Health Coach
EPIC Functional Medicine

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