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Are you looking for functional medicine in Minneapolis? Functional Medicine is a medical practice or treatment that focuses on the optional functioning of the body and all the organs. It helps address the underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach and engages both the patient and the practitioner. With a more “patient-centered” approach, functional medicine treats the whole person instead of just a set of symptoms.

At EPIC Functional Medicine we want to help you. We spend time with our clients, listening to their history and also look at their genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

How is Functional Medicine Different?

Functional Medicine is an approach that focuses on the optimal function of the body. It works to correct problems in organs and the rest of the body using natural supplements whenever possible. It can incorporate traditional medicine when necessary but functional medicine strives to use natural ways to fix health problems. 

Functional Medicine relies heavily on lifestyle changes to fix health problems. These changes can include diet, exercise, sleep patterns, stress levels, and other aspects of everyday life. 

Examples of functional medicine include: acupuncture

  • naturopathy
  • massage
  • chiropractic medicine
  • osteopathic medicine
  • body movement therapy
  • tai chi 
  • yoga

Functional Medicine in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the largest and most populous city in the state of Minnesota. It is named one of the Twin Cities with its neighboring city, Saint Paul. It lies on both banks of the Mississippi River and has one of the best park systems in the United States. Minneapolis has a strong music and performing arts scene, and helped launch Bob Dylan and Prince.

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