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Epic Functional Medicine is here with a patient-centered approach to healing for the residents of St. Louis, Missouri. We are happy to offer a different approach to those who are looking for the root cause of their illness. Our team of providers and professionals look forward to walking alongside you through your wellness journey.

Functional Medicine And Its Value 

Functional medicine is not as well known to the general public as it should be. It is a unique approach integrating different practices to come to a holistic solution for the patient. Functional medicine is patient-centered and looks to get to know the person as a whole. Meaning, our providers get to know your history, their current lifestyle, physiology, etc  We use an integrated approach and are patient-centered.

Serving The St. Louis Area

St. Louis sits on the western bank of the Mississippi River and is the second-largest city in the state of Missouri. With over 300,000 residents it is the 22nd largest metropolitan area in the United States. St. Louis is known for its skyline with the famous archway and waterfront. It is also home to nine out of the ten Fortune 500 companies in the state. Dining of all kinds is not hard to find at all whether for the whole family, a date night, or dining solo. Epic Functional Medicine is proud to offer wellness care in St. Louis and other areas.

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If you are looking for a different approach to health and wellness we would love to hear from you. We serve the St.Louis, Missouri area along with other areas nearby. Give us a call today with any questions or to schedule your consultation.

The EPIC Team is ready to help you get your health back on track. Take the first step today!

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