Thyroid Doctors in Nebraska, IA

Are you struggling with a thyroid problem? It can be a difficult illness to deal with and can be treated with functional medicine practices. If you have been searching for a thyroid doctor that can help near you, Epic Functional Medicine can help. 

Thyroid Services With Epic Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is about more than just giving you medication. The doctor that you see with us will take time to listen to your concerns and symptoms. When we fully understand what you have been dealing with, we can better help you. Some signs of a thyroid disorder are:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Weight Gain or Weight Loss
  • Feeling Lethargic
  • Always Feeling Cold
  • Thyroid Gland Is Swollen
  • Constant Nervous Feeling or Increased Anxiety
  • Feeling of Irritability
  • Females May Have Irregular Periods
  • Females With A Sudden Stop To Their Menstrual Period
  • Weak Muscles
  • Unexplained Tremors

Thyroid problems can really take a toll on you. Medication is not always the right answer for everyone. Functional medicine doctors focus more on healing from the root cause with natural alternatives. The focus will be turned to your diet, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and more. 

Nebraska, IA Is Amazing

Nebraska is part of Page County in Iowa. The population in this township is a little over 5,000 people. This area was established many years ago in 1858. At Epic Functional Medicine we love working with the people of Nebraska, IA, and surrounding communities

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