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Do you live in Omaha and need a thyroid doctor that can help you online? Epic Functional Medicine can give you the help you are looking for. Functional medicine has shown great results for people who are suffering with a thyroid disorder. 

Epic Functional Medicine Online Serrvices

Thryoid problems can cause you a lot of disruption in your life. Functional medicine is a holistic and natural way to treat different ailments in your body. At Epic Functional Medicine we offer online services to help you with your health and wellness. 

A thyroid diorder can put your body through a lot of stress and turmoil. There are many ways that functional medicine practices can help you to treat this type of ailment. Through healing your gut, incorperating lifestyle changes, and exercise. Some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing with a thyroid diorder are:

  • Low Energy
  • Loss of Hair
  • Weight Gain or Loss
  • Rough or Dry Skin
  • Brittle Nails
  • Bowel Trouble
  • Pale Skin
  • Low Heart Rate
  • Always Cold
  • And More

Omaha, NB Is One Of Our Favorite Places

Omaha is full of historical facts and places to enjoy. It is known for the the Lewis & Clark National Jistoric Trail. Omaha is located in Douglas County and has a population of roughly 475,000 people or more living there. Epic Functional Medicine is proud to be able to extend our services into this great community. 

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To begin your functional medicine health journey, contact Epic Functional Medicine today. We have helped a wide variety of people with thyroid problems through our holistic practices. We serve also serve the surrounding communities. Your guy is a powerful component to the overall health and wellness of your body. Call today and set up an appointment. It would be our pleasure to help you through our online services today!

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