This month’s testimonial features our client Emily Long. Emily is a dedicated individual to her workplace and her family. She is methodical in her routines in doing what she needs to do while also caring for her health – often with a confident ‘can do!’ attitude.

History – how was Emily’s life impacted by her health concerns?

Emily shares,

When I first discovered Epic, I was very discouraged by the current state of my health. I have battled with Hashimoto’s for several years but over the last 4 years, the anxiety I was experiencing was affecting my everyday life. I had never had anxiety and panic attacks previously and the anxiety and rollercoaster of those feelings had discouraged me from looking at the future and being able to live a normal life. There were many other symptoms of Hashimoto’s that were also occurring but the anxiety was the breaking point in seeking help from EPIC.”

Taking Action – what did we implement to help Emily?

If you have read some of our other client testimonials, you’ll notice a recurring theme – that we implemented thorough testing starting with full panel blood work, stool and intestinal permeability tests for gut health, heavy metal testing, and checking food sensitivities. From there, we recommended specific supplementation as directed by lab work to support the body’s function. In addition – and just as important if not more important – Emily worked on taking realistic action steps she established with her health coach to refine hydration, diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep routines.

At EPIC, we often say the classic phrase, “It takes a village . . .” when it comes to growing in our health and wellbeing. Emily shares:

“My husband, Derrick, has been by my side from the beginning.  He has followed every step of this journey with me from following the diet, being my workout buddy and helping with all the meal prep.  I am so blessed and thankful to have him in this with me.”


Though we helped guide Emily with the tools, recommendations, and support – Emily was steadfast in putting in the work to put those into action in her life. You can tell an incredible steady state of progress in her overall symptom reduction of the [roughly] six month period of time.

In Summary

Emily shares:

“Since joining Epic, the anxiety I was experiencing is gone. I have not had to take any anxiety medicine in almost 2 months now. Other symptoms such as chest pain and heart palpitations have subsided as well. I have also lost weight and am now at my goal weight (a weight I have never been at). Overall I feel great. I know I still have more to go but with the support of the Epic team, I will make it.”

We are so proud of you, Emily! 

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