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Gwen Scott, FNP



Gwen Scott, MSN, FNP-BC

Position at EPIC:

ARNP, FNP-BC. General Family Practice and training in Functional Medicine under Dr. Bradley

Personal and professional history:

Family Practice Nurse Practitioner for 3 years, Acute Care RN for 8 years in various settings including critical care/ICU

Why I joined the EPIC team and what Functional Medicine means to me:

I hoped to continue to be a primary care provider in a positive environment. I originally joined the EPIC team because I wanted a change in my career in Family Practice. I never felt like I was completely in my element when practicing in primary care at any other location. I have a huge and compassionate heart, and I used to feel like I would never be able to use my strengths and gifts at their highest potential. The typical health care system or clinic makes it very hard for that to happen. I knew that EPIC had much more to offer me in experiences than any other potential career path. Once I joined the group a few things happened for me. I became acclimated to how our team works so closely together. I have observed the outcomes that we provide for our clients and it’s inspiring. I have to say it has been the most rewarding and empowering work experience I’ve ever had. I am just getting started and it’s exciting!

Fun Fact:

I love historical facts and museums.

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