In just one day, we can have multiple different feelings, moods, attitudes and emotions. Sometimes we notice our moods changing and sometimes it’s more subtle. Because we have the ability to feel so many things throughout the day, these feelings can sometimes be hard to commit to memory; the feelings or emotions and what caused them can be easy to forget about or sometimes even be remembered incorrectly. 

Track Your Moods

Taking the time to track your moods can benefit you in more ways than one. It allows you to see patterns in your life and to better understand what’s causing you to feel the way you do. It allows you to commit these feelings to memory by documenting them so you have a clear understanding of them even after the emotion passes. 

These patterns or circumstances could be people, relationships, work related stress, hormones – or maybe even hunger, the weather or tiredness. I’m sure the list could go on! Recognizing the patterns you exhibit and the triggers of those emotions are an important part of overcoming and gaining control of any negative thought patterns, people or reactions associated with them. 

How you track your moods are up to you – there is no “right” way to do this, only the way that is right for you! If you are a technological person, there are a ton of free apps you can use to track your moods, set reminders, etc. If you like more of a hands-on approach, you can carry around a small journal to keep notes in. If you like schedule and routine, you can set a timer every hour (every 2 hours, every 3 hours) as a reminder to jot down your moods and thoughts at that time. If you’re more sporadic, you can commit to tracking your moods as you feel them.

Check In Daily 

Checking in with yourself at least once daily allows you to recognize areas in your life that may be problematic or standing in the way of enjoying the present moment. Without mood tracking, we can sometimes overlook red flags, triggers and even progresses or accomplishments.

Remember to be mindful of your moodiness. 🙂

Clinical Manager, Stephanie Pete

EPIC Functional Medicine

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