Like many of our clients, this month was my first time starting the detox. Although I’ve done a pretty impressive job at staying on plan, I struggled with something outside of myself. That is, my boyfriend is as picky of an eater as they come. If it is not a burger (plain) or chicken tenders – count him out! Not to mention, he will even cringe at just hearing the word broccoli. This has been quite a challenge to overcome. Being that we live together, more often than not our habits rub off on each other. So what do you do when you’re fired up and ready to start fueling your body with nourishing food, but your significant other or family are not so much on board?

Set an Example

Something that worked for me is simple, yet effective: Lead by example. That part I wrote above about our habits rubbing off on each other? Well, thankfully, this happens with the good habits too! The more smoothies I drank at breakfast, the more he took interest in learning what all the hype was about. After about 2 weeks of me having a green drink EVERY morning, he decided to swap out his morning coffee for a green drink instead. And, he loved it!

Hold Your Ground

There is another thing I’ve learned with picky eaters. The more you DON’T budge, the more they likely WILL. My boyfriend loves my cooking. But when I stopped cooking all of his favorites and substituted healthier ingredients, it took him some time to adjust. However, refusing to resort back to our old habits combined with throwing out all the “bad foods” from the cupboards and fridge, it didn’t give him much option. He had to eat what was on his plate or fend for himself. Over a few weeks of sneaking broccoli into the veggie mix or experimenting with making a healthy on-plan dressing that he enjoys, he became adjusted to healthier eating. And he did it without even realizing it.

Lesson Learned

One weekend he had to work away from home. While gone, he decided to binge eat pepperoni pizza and Oreo cookies. Afterwards, he felt so tired and inflamed. Feeling this way had become so normal to him that it took him a relapse or two of eating those bad foods to understand the importance of healthy eating and the difference it can make.

It is all about consistency and reinforcement; training your mind and body to become accustomed to these new habits and ways of eating. Now, he CRAVES the food he once rebelled against and we can now enjoy most on-plan meals together, but I do still have to sneak the broccoli in some nights. 🙂

Stephanie – Clinical Team Manager

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