This case study features our client, Rose Miller, who is a busy mom of four and a teacher who has been struggling with her health since she finished college a little over a decade ago. She has been struggling with fatigue and other Hashimoto’s symptoms, as well as hormonal imbalance.


History – how was her life impacted by her health concerns?

Rose mentioned to us that she was not able to work as a teacher as much as she would like due to her health concerns. She felt she was having a harder time doing things around the house due to the fatigue. She would limit the amount of time she spent singing in church because it would wear her out. She also has a passion for connecting with other women but felt her health concerns and symptoms were holding her back from making these connections. 


Taking Action – what did we implement to help Rose?

For all of our clients, we do a comprehensive health history and initial consultation with the doctor. All of these meetings are now held via Zoom. After Dr. Bradley, our Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, met with Rose, he was able to order the right laboratory testing and care plan. Given her history and current symptom burden load (170 total symptom points via the Multi Symptom and Thyroid Symptom Questionnaire) a 12 month plan was recommended. We have different options available based on clinical need. 

She completed comprehensive laboratory tests including: blood work (Full Thyroid, Sex Hormones, Key Nutrients, Adrenals, Autoimmune Markers, Inflammatory/Ominous Markers, Vital Organ Function, Metabolism, Urinary Tract, Hydration Status, Methylation, Immune System, and Anemia Testing), food sensitivity testing, and heavy metals. 


The main findings from her labs included:

To address these main findings Rose started on a personalized food and lifestyle plan which included increasing her hydration, removing foods she was sensitive to and sticking to a whole foods based diet (EPIC Five Plan Diet), and introducing supplements to replenish missing nutrients, balance the thyroid, support the detoxification and methylation pathways in the body. We asked her to complete regular weekly self assessments and monthly symptom questionnaires. We also made sure she had 24/7 portal access to the team should questions arise. 

With positive improvement in her symptoms she was then able to focus on getting more movement into her routine, take time for herself with stress reduction daily, and improve upon her morning and evening routines. 

Over time we were able to see her symptoms improve dramatically and at 10 months into care her thyroid antibodies go negative.



She started with 170 symptom points total per the Multi Symptom (MSQ) and Thyroid Symptom (TSQ) Questionnaires. Over time we have seen steady improvement in these numbers.

Additional results:

“My goals for 2020 included reaching negative numbers for both autoimmune diseases (ANA and Hashimoto’s) and reaching an 80% reduction in symptoms. Negative means these are in remission – my body is no longer attacking itself! I was surprised to find out my ANA went negative after just 6 months in the program (goodbye worries of future Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis!) and even more shocked to see my Hashimoto’s in remission after just 10 months! The following are symptoms I had 1-3 years ago that are completely gone now: heart palpitations, chronic yeast infections, weight gain, heavy periods, exhaustion even after just taking a shower, inability to run up stairs, inability to work outside the home, severe cold at bedtime.”

The following symptoms have improved and will continue as my body keeps healing instead of destroying itself. Acne, painful and moody cycles, anxiety (2-3 bad days per month instead of 15-20), motivation, physical strength, I now work 2 days a week, I can better keep the house and have the energy to learn better organizing strategies, I’m way more patient with my children and husband and owning my own issues that contribute to theirs. I have a 54% reduction in symptoms just since starting with Dr. Bradley in April!

I saw the message from Dr. B last night and did a full “girl shocked at proposal” hand over the mouth! I can’t believe I’m there so soon, and I’m excited to keep on the same path and see what happens in 2020 and my own Roaring 20s!

The best part was my husband praying last night, “And thank You for giving me my wife back.”


In Summary

She is now at 68% and continuing to improve with time. She even started her own garden this year – something she didn’t think was possible to do with her symptoms!

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