This case study features our client, Shawna Schmidt:


She came to EPIC feeling “AWFUL!!!! Orthostatic hypertension, headaches, dizziness, weakness in arms, numbness in face, arms and feet. I felt like my whole body was fighting against me.”


She started with 220 symptom points total per the Multi Symptom (MSQ) and Thyroid Symptom (TSQ) Questionnaires. Over time we have seen steady improvement in these numbers. 

Shawna says she is now feeling “SO MUCH BETTER!!! Stopped taking my blood pressure meds and migraine meds. No more dizziness or weakness in arms, hands and face. I feel 90% better than I did when I started!!!

We asked Shawna Who has been a part of her success and she shared: “Dr. Bradley and his wonderful team!!! They helped with my diagnosis and getting me the right supplements and on the right diet for me. Very thankful!!!!”

In Summary

She is now at 75% and continues to improve with time. We’re happy for you Shawna and thank you for sharing your story!

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