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Stephanie Pete



Stephanie Pete

Position at EPIC:

Clinic Team Manager

Personal and professional history:

I have always loved assisting people in any way that I can, and this is most prevalent in my educational background, where I studied Medical Assisting. I also have a strong love for animals and taking care of others.

Why I joined the EPIC team and what Functional Medicine means to me:

My passion for helping others is what initially lead me to EPIC. Since then, I have learned more about healthy living and functional medicine, which I believe is a way to help people find the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. Being a part of EPIC has allowed me to indulge in my desire to assist others, and also spread the message that true healing is not only real, but very attainable!

Fun Fact:

I have two precious chihuahua’s whom I would take everywhere with me if I could, and two cuddly cats.

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