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Lisa Miller

Amazing staff and Dr. Bradley is simply the best. Kind, compassionate and a doctor who actually listens. Full support around the clock and empowers you to have the tools you need during your journey to health and for a lifetime. So thankful EPIC and Dr. Bradley are here in Iowa changing lives daily!

Ky Carlson

Amazing education. Truly helping people transform their lives.

Jimmy Yen

This clinic is helping their community regain health independence.

Jason Bradley

OK, admittedly, I'm a little biased. 🙂 But these five stars are for my amazing clinical and admin support team. I have truly been blessed to work with such cool, smart, fun, and insightful people. As Alta always says, "can't stop, won't stop," and it's clear in our whole team approach to service. Thank you guys for being so great!

Nicole Martin

Dr. Bradley and his staff are amazing! Everyone here are true advocates for health. You are in good hands!

Kellie Moreman

Amazing people! Caring, kind, and passionate about making a real difference in people's lives!

Lydia Skiljan

They have new and innovative things happening! Going above and beyond!

Deena Christy

One of the best programs I've every came across. Get on board and get healthy for life.

Jason Prall

The work they are doing here is truly revolutionary. I absolutely love what EPIC is delivering to their patients!

Terra Hartley

Very Friendly Staff. Dr. Bradley helped me get my energy back and was very encouraging throughout the whole process of getting me on track and be healthy. Thank You Dr. Bradley.

Diane Mattila

Personalize program for a better, healthy you Your body deserves the extra attention receive through the EPIC Functional Medicine Center!

Angela Henkens

Before Dr Bradley I was sick, very sick! Exhausted, brain fog, depressed, weight gain, and just wanting to give up on life as I knew it. After Dr Bradley I have energy and feel like a weight has been removed from my soul! I never knew i could feel so good! Thank you for your guidance and support Dr Bradley and staff! You guys rock!!

Zara Wanlass

Outstanding approach to health care and very friendly, caring staff.

Jessie Lammers Ehlinger

The quality of patient care and dedication of Dr. Bradley and the staff at Epic FMC are insurmountable. I felt so tired all the time, I wasn't who I wanted to be, and gave this a shot. Best decision hands down. I feel great, I'm sleeping better, losing weight and the tools and information that have been given to me will help me the rest of my life!

Roy Hall

Dr. Bradley and the EPIC staff are EPIC! This is what healthcare is all about. Thanks.

Laurel S.

I have been thoroughly impressed by the care and attention I have received from Dr. Bradley and his staff. The insights and encouragement I have received have given me new hope in taking charge of my own health.

Scott B.

Dr. Bradley is a kind, and intelligent person who feels deeply for those under his care. The people under his watchful eye are truly blessed.

Laura Fehr

I am so grateful for Dr. Bradley and his staff for their work with me. I have only been working with him for about a month and a half, and he has figured out what is going on with my body, as well as validating that it isn't my fault, which no one has done before. I highly recommend EPIC to everyone that is struggling with any medical issues.

Kendra Nicholson

I cant begin to tell you how much you need to stop wondering if its worth going in and seeing Dr Bradley and his staff!! GO! Take control of you health! This is how you expect your Dr to take care of you!

Jessie Ehlinger

Dr. Bradley and the EPIC team are amazing! The patient care, knowledge, and support take healthcare above and beyond.

Hannah Whitcomb DeHague

I have seen a lot (A LOT) of doctors, both conventional and holistic, but I have never found someone as passionate as Dr. Bradley when it comes to helping me feel better. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Paula Whatley

Dr. Bradley and his EPIC staff are passionate about wellness. Their commitment to client health is phenomenal. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Laurel Swanson

Dr. Bradley and his staff give a refreshing approach to taking control of your own health.

Joanne Schwien

Functional medicine is absolutely the answer to all of your medical conditions and all (most) are treated without drugs. It's the only way to go !!!!

Mahmood Bilal

Great and supportive team. Dr. Jason Bradley is very knowledgeable and will treat you based on evidence and good science. I highly recommend EPIC Functional Medicine for anyone or their family members going through chronic illness of known or unknown causes.

Kelly Stucker

Literally changed my life. Thank you Dr B !!!!!!!!

His Glory In Motion

Oh my gosh!! So thankful to have found Dr. Bradley and Rachel! They are seeing my daughter and I and we could not be happier! What excellence and professionalism along with the knowledge I as a nurse have been looking for! Getting to the root of the problem is exactly where they go! Very thankful for this clinic!!

Sarah barr

Two years ago I met Dr Bradley at one of his lectures. He has a very extensive program when it comes to making lifestyle changes to diet, exercise etc. His staff is awesome and I would highly recommend anyone to him that is having issues with thyroid or other problems.

Marcee Lea

I highly recommend EPIC Functional Medicine and Dr. Jason Bradley. The team at EPIC has been invaluable in addressing and improving my health challenges. Thanks EPIC for your expertise, passion & continued support!

Angela Friend

I have been going to Epic for about a year. I'm really starting to see some improvements in my health. I have fewer headaches, and I am sleeping...

Carol Funke

My journey with the Epic Functional Medicine was for 13 months. It had its ups and downs. I can now say that it was worth it.

Brian Larkin

I started with EPIC last October. It's now May. I can't even express how happy I am with the results. I've lost nearly 70 pounds and 4 pants sizes,...

Sarah Arends

The team at Epic is like no other. They do everything they can to help you obtain and maintain health! I have no doubt that Epic will do everything they can to help me get where I need to be to enjoy a healthy life!

Bobbi Jo Smiley

I'm leaving a good mark on this page in the hope that people will see it and think about what I've written! There are few places in my life that have...

Sarah Arends

Compassionate care from a team who truly wants you to be your best and healthiest you!

Brent-Debra Munson

At Epic Functional Medicine Center Dr. Bradley and the incredible caring team are working hard with me to give me my life back. They have provided the tools to allow my body to heal as it was created to do through foods, gentle movement, encouraging support and a couple supplements.

Amy La Grange

Dr Bradley is Amazing...If you are feeling poor, with no help from your PCP, see Dr Bradley...He is truly gifted at his profession, and will get you back on the road to recovery.

Marcee Lee

I am so grateful for improved health since starting with EPIC! It has been almost a year, with various ups and downs, but the ups are definitely...

Ann Larsen

I believe that everything that happens in life is for a reason. Epic Functional Medicine Center is definitely in my life for a reason and it's here...

Victoria Williams

This place will save your life, literally. EPIC is the place to go if you need help with your health and not getting answers anywhere else. Dr....

Amy La Grange

My husband and I were frustrated in the medical world to say the least...We were both feeling tired, sluggish, no Ambition to really do anything...We...

Dee M.

The staff at Epic always makes me feel so welcome. Every one is very helpful and willing to answer all of my questions. Dr. Bradley is passionate about health and what I need to heal my body from the inside out. I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Bradley as well as the entire team at Epic !!

Lynsey K.

Dr. Bradley and the team at Epic strive to help me live a much healthier life. They truly care about how you are doing and that makes a huge difference.

Karen B.

I came expecting the same as I get at my regular doctor's office. I was genuinely surprised at their questions and concerns about my health. They are helping me try to get to the cause of my problems instead of treating the symptoms. I don't expect miracles, since it has taken me years to get here. If you are willing to make a commitment to feeling better, take a chance. You will have to make some sacrifices but it is worth it. Eat to live, not live to eat!

Linda elifritz

Epic has been great. I lost hope when doctors told me that my only problem was that I had anxiety,to find out through epic that was not the main problem. They are all warm and caring people that genuinely have all their patients personal health in mind and really want to help each and ever one of their patients become happy healthy individuals. I am so sorry thankful for their help to get me back on track with my own personality health!

Heather W.

Dr Bradley is committed to common-sense functional medicine. The detox diet he gave me was whole-foods based--no weird, non-food ingredients. I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels when eating according to plan and avoiding foods I am sensitive too. He offered me a blueprint I can always return to if I deviate or need to reset. I highly recommend EPIC and believe in their mission!

Jennifer C.

The staff at EPIC are genuine and anxious to serve the individual. Thanks to their dedication, I have eliminated back pain, lost weight, and learned how to feed my body in a way that eliminated digestive repercussions and inflammation. Phenomenal care!

Heather Weber

Dr Bradley is committed to common-sense functional medicine. The detox diet he gave me was whole-foods based—no weird, non-food ingredients. I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels when eating according ro plan and avoiding foods I am sensitive too. He offered me a blueprint I can always return to if I deviate or need to reset. I highly recommend EPIC and believe in their mission!

Jolene S.

Dr Bradley and his team cares about the people he works for. While I have just started with this team, I have learned so much. They are supportive and don't rely on medicines to make you feel better. I highly recommend them.

R. Jolene Sorenson

Everyone at Epic is truly caring. I have learned so much about how to be healthier. It is not a weight loss program but a life changing program with support.

Dan Hampel

I just think it's great that when you Google the term "anti-aging medicine" and you are within a "healthy" distance of Iowa City, the first thing that pops up is a REAL solution. On the "scales" of truth I find that particularly...EPIC?

Wendy Loney

I'm so glad I took a chance and went to a thyroid seminar at Blackstone four months ago. I met Dr. Jason Bradley, who after talking with me for five minutes, said, "I can help you." He and his staff are wonderful and caring. I am eating healthy and trying new ways to exercise thanks to the awesome health coaches (I work with Jenny and Lea) and the classes they offer each month. Any time I have a question, Dr. Bradley, Nurse Rachel, and Nurse Amanda respond very quickly (same or next day). If you are struggling with not feeling well, weight gain, fatigue, etc., you are not alone, but you can get some excellent help in turning things around at Epic Functional Medicine.

Emma Uhrick

Epic Functional Medicine Center changed my life. After dealing with 'mystery' illnesses for years and after being to 9 different doctors with no answers, I started to lose hope that I would ever feel normal again. Epic gave me my life back. After working with them for 6 months, I am almost symptom free. It didn't come without a lot of work and determination, but Epic was there to help me through every step of the way. Dr. B and the Epic team are the most wonderful and helpful people. Epic is for anyone who is struggling with their health. It might be hard work, but there is such a strong support system to make it easier. I learned so much about health, nutrition, and myself through my time with Epic. So thankful to them for giving me my health back.

Irene Khouri

Have been with Epic for about 6 months and the journey has been incredible. I've learned a lot about cancer, supplements, nutrition, hormones, etc. I've lost weight, solved some health issues, and uncovered new ones to work on. Dr. Bradley and his team provide a roadmap to follow for better health by helping me make better food choices, changing bad habits, developing new healthier habits that will help me live a long and productive life. It's a lot of hard work but you only have one life to live. Thanks everyone for helping me.

Brittany Gosse

I’m just beginning my journey with EPIC. Already it has been an amazing gift. I have been listened to, respected, my concerns about my health have been heard, and an action plan put into place to help me achieve my goals. No goal has been too big/small or silly/impossible. In all the glory and bliss the best thing is that I’ve been completely empowered and the team at EPIC has become my cheer squad, my brainstormers, propel who help me understand and problem solve but they don’t do it for me. So every win I make is because of my work and every time I stumble it was my conscious choice but in that they remain constant. I highly recommend EPIC and their team to help you build your best self.

Nila Haug

Have know Dr. Jason for years as a neighbor. Then moved 8 hrs. away and got reacquainted with him on a visit back to Iowa City. I avoid most varieties of traditional doctoring, but did decide to try Dr. Bradley's variety of health from the inside out instead of "bandaiding" - treating symptoms from the outside. It has been an enjoyable journey from the beginning. Eating healthy meant abstaining from some favorite foods, bagels and pasta. Haven't really missed them because we get full on natural fruits, vegetables and other real foods - not processed. My husband and I have each lost 10 lbs. in the process. Thanks Dr. B and staff for enlightening us to a new style of living.

Judy Rhodes

I went to Dr. Bradley's dinner on thyroid issues last October, and once I heard him speak, I knew I wanted him to be my doctor for life. And that is because he understands how our bodies work, and what we need when they are out of balance. I thought I might have ms because I was feeling vibrations in my extremities, inner tremors that my regular doctor could not treat because I didn't have a measurable symptom. I was tired but managing my life, and I thought I had been eating healthy, living right, but there was so much I didn't know! Thanks to Dr. Bradley and my health coach, Laura, I have learned to eat differently, sleep differently, exercise differently. And I can't believe how good I feel! Yes, it is hard work to take control of your life and be responsible for your body's well being, and it is hard to integrate your new lifestyle into your old connections, but it gets easier the longer you do it, and it is so worth every effort you make. Epic Functional Medicine guides you through the best transition of your life.

Julie M.

Both my daughter and myself went to Epic for various health related issues after going to many different doctors who did not help at all. Doctor Bradley made it known up front that we have to do what he says, and follow the plan or we would not get better. They do a food sensitivity test and blood work first thing to determine what you are sensitive to as well as what you are deficient in, start you on a 21 day detox, and get you going on some supplements to jump start your progress. I am telling you, the difference in a short amount of time was unbelievable. My energy level sky rocketed as well as the pounds just started dropping off, and I did not feel hungry or deprived at all! My daughter went from throwing up most mornings to feeling so much better. We have continued following this plan for 1 1/2 years now and are both doing great! It is so nice to find a place that they don't just shove a pill at you and say take this and send you home. You have access to videos, recipes, and a community of people who are going through the same things as you. It has made all of the difference. I would recommend this to anyone who is fed up with traditional medicine's inability to help them.

K. L.

If you are interested in participating in your health care, that is, learning about how your body-mind works and how you can support yourself in making intelligent and effective choices in caring for yourself lifelong, this is the place for you. The resources at EPIC cover all aspects of healthy living and the staff has a variety of skills to meet individual needs. Working with EPIC requires a financial and time commitment, but the rewards go far beyond the limited efficacy of a medical system which operates mainly by matching symptoms with drugs, without much interest or understanding of how the various bodily systems interact with one another. The length of the EPIC program lends itself to a true and deep discovery of what works for the individual, which contributes to an ability to take good care of yourself. I think this program is the wave of the future in health care, and it's available here and now in Iowa City!

Bobbi Jo S.

Epic Functional Medicine Center IS epic! If only I had found them decades before. Dr. Bradley is by far one of the most prominent and professional doctors I've ever encountered. His knowledge of human conditions of a functional standpoint is excellent. I've not felt like I leave with questions unanswered. He is quick to respond and has a peace about him that makes me feel comfortable and taken care of. His team is like him in their own roles. Each and every one (each) leaves me with a feeling of being cared for...many of them...the financing (they do assist all and are privy to this area...they find the best financing and I wouldnt know that)..the supplement specialist who takes care of medicinals for you personally and answers questions in a timely manner..who also has administrative skill keeping up with many clients..he also knows about phone technology and can fix this as well!..then there are the coaches who have helped me time and time again with emotional ties to food and gives experiential and professional assistance about my journey..then the nursing personnel who goes out of her way to text, call and keep the clinical side of the clinic in order along with Dr B..there are diabetics who are coaches as well that can answer questions about food..which is basically what we do to regain health..there is an exercise coach who shows us just how important movement and breathing are to our bodies..very important! There also is a team member who is knowledgeable about essential oils and their effect on perception, cognition and what the sense of smell does in relation to wellness..then there are the receptionists who answer your calls, sometimes i call not knowing who to talk to, but they do! Their pleasant, laid-back voice on the phone is a plus when a person is agitated about something..I'm sure they've heard it all...I hope I haven't left anyone out! I cant say anything but thank you for this group of people who, through each of their roles, makes my life a little easier and a whole lot more healthier. They are a progressive functional medicine clinic that offers electromagnetic testing and has outlets to acupuncture, biofeedback and brain testing of sorts. I love them all. Thanks to all of you at Epic!!

Sherry J.

Dr. Bradley, Rachel and the staff at Epic Functional Medicine Center are truly dedicated to helping their clients get to the root of their health problems and heal. They go that extra mile to provide support and the knowledge and tools needed to help you succeed. The initial upfront cost might be a little pricey for some but what price do you put on your health? Functional Medicine is not usually covered by traditional healthcare insurance. Epic worked with me to find a way to make the cost fit into my budget and also ways to save on supplements and lab work. Investing in my health at the present moment will save me dollars in the future. My health coach has done an amazing job at helping me set goals to improve my anxiety, identify why I binge on certain foods, be more active and manage my stress. I have more energy and my overall mood is better. The diet recommendations are based on whole foods, healthy fats, low sugar and hydration. Lots of tips and tricks and support is provided to help you stay on track. I look forward to continuing my health journey with my Epic family and becoming the best version of myself. Thank you Dr. Bradley, Rachel and the staff at Epic FMC for all you do!

Andrea H.

At EPIC I found the whole picture of my health. Prior to this I was slowly discovering pieces of the puzzle with my medical doctor. I was eating healthy foods, taking supplements, and exercising. I didn't know what I didn't know. The difference with EPIC was that we addressed a lot of issues all at once. I discovered how much sugar I was really eating, when I eliminated it completely on the 21-day detox. I gained a lot of awareness through the process of the detox. One difficult aspect was letting go of my "foodie" life. I have been a dedicated cook for a long time, and I had to re-learn much of my diet. I learned to cook differently, more simply. The health coaches and the community provided support during that process. Dr. Bradley worked with me to use supplements from a company I was already aligned with, and recommended specific doses of what I was taking. The program was a substantial financial commitment. EPIC is for people who want to take charge and completely transform their health. It can be frustrating, it can cause shifts in other areas of life. Parts of the journey were difficult, and I did not achieve the results I wanted in the time that I expected. However, with consistent application of the detox, and staying committed to the journey, and the support of many praying friends, I am happy to report that my life has totally changed. From barely making it through the day, and paying a high personal price for activities I did, I now have energy to be present with my family, build my coaching business, and serve in ministry. It all started with my goal: "I want to wake up in the morning."

Andrea Happel

I was a health-conscious mom seeking answers for why I was so tired. I was finding some, but still frustrated. Why had I lost my vitality? Why was I having trouble just getting through the day? Why was I getting sick more frequently? I was eating whole foods...exercising...taking supplements. But I didn't know what I didn't know. Dr. Bradley at EPIC Functional Medicine Center gave me a complete picture of what was going on with my health. Following his program--starting with the whole foods detox--restored my vitality. I am now 68% better! Which means, on a very practical level, that I went from struggling to get out of bed before 9:30 am, to waking up refreshed at 6:30 am. I did the math: Let's say (for example) that I live another 40 years no matter what--healthy or unhealthy. What EPIC did for me was give me 5 years longer to live within that time. (3 hours/day x 365 days x 40 years) divided by 24 hours per day, divided by 365 days per year=5 years. Time that I am present, engaged, and productive vs. drifting gradually into my eternal nap. Now, I am living an enriched life with my husband and family, building my coaching business, and engaged in more ministry. It doesn't mean I'm busier, though. Because I've also learned through this journey to focus on what's most important and how to let the other things go. EPIC isn't for those who put their health in the hands of others or who want the "magic pill". EPIC is for those who are ready to take charge and embrace the fullness of their calling.

Pamela J S.

I am just finishing up with the EPIC DETOX. I have used other programs that required the use of program only powdered drinks and packaged foods which really sets you up to fail once you go back to real life and have no idea how to transition back to real food. I love the EPIC DETOX program because it uses real whole foods, nothing exotic but foods I can easily get at my local grocer. I have not only learned to be a better consumer by reading labels but also have become more aware of what I am putting into my body and the overall effect on my body. In just a matter of a few weeks I am sleeping better, my energy level is more balanced over the course of the day and I am better able to cope with the things that before would send me into stress overload. Weight loss wasn't one of my goals but I have lost 14 pounds due in part to the EPIC DETOX but also to the overall change in what I am eating. My husband by eating the foods I am preparing and have available in the house, has seen a noticeable decrease in his blood sugar levels from the 140-160 range to 103-120 this past week. So that tells me the EPIC DETOX has put both of us on the right track to better overall health.

Sherry Johnson

I have been a member of Epic Functional Medicine Center for over a year and can't say enough about Dr. Bradley, Rachel and the staff. They are truly dedicated to helping their clients in every way possible. Dr. Bradley is extremely knowledgeable in the science of how the body works and hormones that are out of whack. He goes that extra mile to explain and provide information if you don't understand something. My health coach has been amazing at helping me set goals to reduce my anxiety, make healthier food choices, be more active and improve my sleep habits. My energy has improved and am able to manage my stress better. The diet recommendations are kept simple and clean - The Epic 5 - based on eating real whole foods, healthy fats and staying hydrated. Thank you Epic FMC for showing me the way to become the best version of myself!

Holly T.

Epic Functional Medicine Center and Doctor Jason Bradley are amazing. With his help and his amazing Detox program, not only am I feeling and doing better but my whole family is. The detox program at Epic doesn't rely on expensive products, it relies on natural whole foods which are available locally. No processed foods, no powdered products or supplements. We took it slow here, and Doctor Jason Bradley and his amazing staff assisted me in tailoring the detox to meet my families needs and to avoid allergens. If a question arises, it is easy to shoot them an email or text or even call for an answer. One of my kids has been able to come off of lisinopril which he was on due to hypertension, my daughter and I have lost a combined 50 pounds since January. My head no longer hurts daily, I am not forgetting things or walking into rooms asking myself why I am here. If anyone has struggled with things like this, I highly recommend this program. Its so easy, even in a small town I can find the foods that fit this program and no waiting on products to arrive because I can locally source it all.

Holly Tedder

Epic Functional Medicine Center and Doctor Jason Bradley are amazing. With his help and his amazing Detox program, not only am I feeling and doing better but my whole family is. The detox program at Epic doesn't rely on expensive products, it relies on natural whole foods which are available locally. No processed foods, no powdered products or supplements. We took it slow here, and Doctor Jason Bradley and his amazing staff assisted me in tailoring the detox to meet my families needs and to avoid allergens. If a question arises, it is easy to shoot them an email or text or even call for an answer. One of my kids has been able to come off of lisinopril which he was on due to hypertension, my daughter and I have lost a combined 50 pounds since January. My head no longer hurts daily, I am not forgetting things or walking into rooms asking myself why I am here. If anyone has struggled with things like this, I highly recommend this program. Its so easy, even in a small town I can find the foods that fit this program and no waiting on products to arrive because I can locally source it all.

Sarah B.

Three years ago this month, i met jason bradley and his team at a lecture he gave at blackstone a local restaurant in iowa city and his ad popped on my timeline on Facebook and i got a ticket and went. So i get to the lecture and he explains what he did and how thyroid disfunction affects so many things and how all of those things fit me to a t. I am very thankful to have met jason and rachel, and all of the staff, new and old. It has made a huge difference in how i look at food, diets in general, and how that all works together in healing our bodies. He is one of the most amazing people and if theres something he doesn't know he will dig till he finds the answer.

Jessica Petersen

The Epic team is amazing! I feel so much support, not only support for health issues and how to address them but emotional support as well. A big part of this program is emotional support and helping move through completely changing your lifestyle and removing everything toxic out of your life. They are very organized, work with a team approach with their staff and clients, and always push for answers and truth. They are all great motivators, and understand that you may fall off track but it is all about getting back on! With other doctors, I would consistently leave feeling confused and overwhelmed. Epic really works to make things structured, and assist to any questions and needs. I am so glad I found them. I have now been doing the program for a year and a half, and I think back to before I started and how sick I was and how much I have accomplished personally and with my family business throughout that year and a half, and it wouldn’t have happened without them! I am still working through kinks but they are there for me all along the way. I recommend this program to anyone!

Christie O.

It's been 3 years of on going tests and countless doctors I've seen I have been poked and prodded told many times I'm to young to have problems that I was describing finally was diagnosed with lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and a kidney problem after being told it was just ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION ....I was referred to epic from a friend and let me tell you that was one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to my health.... I am new to this program and already I am seeing a difference I just finished the 21 day detox process the changes are real I've got some more energy, lost Weight gained muscle, mood has increased and I'm just getting started.. my 7 year old daughter came up to me 2 days ago and told me my doctor must be doing a good job because I'm not as cranky anymore ....I can not thank Dr. Bradley and his team at epic for taking my case on because of them my future looks bright!!

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